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Only Organic Big Me (Stage 4):1-5 years

Our classic teething rusks 100g will keep your baby busy for a long time as they are slowly baked to create a hard rusk. Perfect for babies teething as they encourage biting and chewing, which aids in healthy tooth and gum development. Only Organic Teething rusks have no added flavours or sugar so they are nice and plain for your babies developing taste buds. Our teething rusks provide 18% of the recommended daily intake of iron for infants aged six to 12 months and 25% RDI of iron for children aged 12 months and over. Try keeping them in the fridge — a cold Only Organic Teething Rusk will provide extra relief to sore gums.  

Teething Rusks available in 100g box

Apple rice Cakes
Wholegrain Brown Rice (83%)*, Apple Juice Concentrate (17%)*, Natural apple flavour, Iron. 
Apple Baby Rice Cakes 40g are m
ade with puffed grains of only organic wholegrain brown rice.  Combined with the delicious juice of organic apples and gently baked, high in vitamins, minerals and fibre for good nutrition and satisfaction. Your baby can eat apple baby rice cakes with fresh organic fruit platter, perfect morning tea. Our Baby Rice Cakes are the perfect size and shape to practice hand to mouth co-ordination and will help to exercise the cheek and tongue muscles for later speech development.   

Strawberry Yoghurt Mini Rice Cakes 60g
Yoghurt Topping (Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Skimmed Yoghurt (Milk) Powder*, Full Cream Milk Powder*, Strawberry Powder (2%)*, Red Currant Powder*)(55%))*. Rice (45%)*.  

Junior Mini Yoghurt Rice Cakes 60g
Yoghurt Topping (Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Skimmed Yoghurt (Milk) Powder*, Full Cream Milk Powder*, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin)(55%))*. Rice (45%)*.
*Certified Organic Ingredients

Mini rice cakes made from gently puffing grains of wholegrain rice and then dipping them in the finest organic yoghurt. Only Organic Yogurt Rice Cakes are packed full of flavour of wholegrain and yogurt the perfect treat to share with your family on special occasions, school lunches and office snacks. A great organic snack to have in the pantry. Perfect to serve with children's fruit platter.

Planning children’s meals

The table below outlines a recommended daily food pattern for children.

Food Group

  Servings per day 4-6 years   

   Average size of serving   

Wholegrain Breads
and cereals 

6 or more

1 slice


3 or more

¼ - ½ cup


2 or more

¼ - ½ cup

2 or more

30 – 60 grams


3 to 4

¾ cup

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