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We import our own organic wholefoods directly and distribute in Malaysia and Asian countries.  We are very committed that the organic food we bring in are from reliable sources and certified organic by recognised certification bodies.  

Radiant Code supplies a comprehensive range of organic products to complement a healthy lifestyle, under its own house brand Radiant Wholefood, a registered trademark in Malaysia.

The Truly Organic Food Quality Check  

  • Free from Artificial Chemical
  • Free from Pesticides
  • Free from Colorings
  • Free from Herbicides
  • Minimally-Processed
  • Non-Irradiated
  • Non-Genetically Engineered
  • Ecology-Friendly

RADIANTWHOLEFOOD products are third party recertified organic  by  BIOGRO (New Zealand.)


BioGro NZ is the largest certification body in New Zealand and is accredited to various international regulations such as IFOAM, Canada organic, JAS organic and ISO65. It has a history of more than 30 years in organic certification.



BioGro NZ new logo with effect from February 2017 

Bio-Gro Certified is your assurance that the food has met the standards set by Bio-Gro,New Zealand and its integrity is guaranteed from the farm to consumers. It guarantees that the highest organic standards have been met every step of the way i.e. products have been produced in accordance with  internationally recognised Organic Standards. These standards exceed the New Zealand government certifier’s minimum requirements for organic food in many areas, especially in relation to GMO's, the use of pesticides and conventional animal health treatments. Its goal is to promote the highest of organic integrity. We achieve this because we are an independent organisation.


You may click on to this web site below to verify the authenticity of Radiant Code certification.
Look under Find a Certified Organic Producer.


Radiant Wholefood
products are certified Halal by Jakim (Jabatan kemajuan Islam Malaysia) a recognised and authorized body to certify food products Halal in Malaysia.
Our products are also packed in a facility that is certfied by SGS Switzerland  (Société Générale de Surveillance in 1919) a leading inspection,verification and certifying body.
It is HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) compliant.

This will be the committment of Radiant Code Sdn Bhd to uphold integrity, food safety and food quality towards our customers.

Things to look out when shopping for organic products.

When you do your shopping on organic products,do look out for the organic certification mark and license or registration number on the packaging.
The certificates should indicate the name of the company  that pack and distributes the product that you are buying from. Especially if goods are repacked,the certifcation logo or certificates should make reference to the company selling it. This is to caution against self claimed organic products. Just by reproducing the certification mark of the grower or processor on to the final packaged product is not certifying the product. A recognised certifying body must be appointed to conduct the audit trail of the products and the operation management and facility of the organic operator.

Do check out the range of Radiant wholefood products that has been certified organic by BioGro on the certficates attached or refer to the certifying body BioGro web site.

We are also in compliance to the Standard Organic Malaysia (SOM),now known as myOrganic Malaysia issued by the Ministry Of Agriculture and Agro Based industry. It is based on the Malaysian Organic Standards MS1529:2001 for production,processing,labelling,marketing of plant-based organic food products.

Certificates Gallery

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Download BioGro Organic ceritificate, MyOrganic Malaysia, HACCP certificateGMP certificate, Organic Alliance Malaysia and JAKIM Halal certificate

We are committed to deliver not only quality food but more importantly food safety. We send our products for laboratory test.It is sent to an accredited laboratory to test for some of these parameters.
Like organophosphorus,organochlorine for pesticides, heavy metal contaminant test,genetically modified organism test (GMO),microbiological test ( aerobic plate count,yeast & mould,E.Coli,coliform).
These various test are done on raw materials and finished products and product shelf life .Packaging materials must be of of food grade. The swap test on packing facilities and workers are done  too.

The laboratory test are available upon request.

Do also look out for these recognised organic certifications in our imported products.


" The Food you eat can either be the safest and the most powerful
   form of  medicine or the slowest form of poison." - Ann Wigmore

 Radiant Code Sdn Bhd. ....Your Truly Organic Partner!

 Bringing wholesome safe food to your table from around the world ! ...... mission of  Radiant Code Sdn Bhd