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Basic Bread

 450 g       Radiant Unbleached Plain Flour ( Or 1 cup wholemeal flour and 2 cups plain flour)
 3 tabsp    Raw sugar 
 3 tabsp    E/V  Olive Oil
1 1/2 tsp   Active Dry Yeast
1 tsp        Sea Salt
250ml       Water

Nuts, seeds and dried fruits optional.

Put all ingredients to a Bread maker Or use the traditional way of kneading dough for 20 mins.
Leave dough covered with damp cloth to rise for 45 mins and knead again. Leave again to rest for 45 mins.
Put dough in a bake pan and bake for 30 mins at 220°C.

Steam Bread 

500g     Radiant wholemeal Bread Flour
2 tbsp   Raw Sugar or brown sugar
1 tbsp   Molasses sugar or black strap molasses
1 tbsp   E/V Olive Oil
1/2 tsp  Sea salt
1 tbsp   Active dry yeast
300cc   Warm water

Nuts, seeds and raisins optional.

Add yeast, sugar, molases, oil, salt into warm water.
Stir well and mix into flour. Knead 20 mins, leave in greased tin, cover with damp cloth.
Put in warm place for 20 mins until rise double in size. Then roll it into small ball and leave to rise double in size.
Ready to steam for 45 mins.




Ingredients :

 1 cup Radiant Rye Flour

 1 ½ cup Radiant Wholemeal Flour

  2 cups Radiant Unbleached Bread Flour

  ½ cup Radiant Barley flour

  5 tablespoon raw sugar

  ½ tablespoon of Radiant Black Strap Organic Molasses

  1 teaspoon fine Celtic sea salt

  ½ tablespoon of Radiant Sesame seeds

  ½ tablespoon of Radiant organic Flaxseed

  1 tablespoon of Radiant soy flour

  ¼ cup of Radiant cooking grape seed oil

  ½ tablespoon Radiant Active yeast

  400ml –500ml of warm water

 Method :

 1)      Dissolve yeast and sugar into 200ml of warm water
2)      Put all ingredients into the mixing bowl
 3)      Pour in the yeast mixture
 4)      Blend them together in a kneading machine until it forms a soft dough
 5)      Knead them with your hands for another 20-30mins

Leave aside to rise



Ingredients :-

300 gms Pumpkin fruit   

500 gms Radiant Unbleached Plain or Bread Flour

2 tablespoon Radiant Brown sugar

1 tablespoon Radiant Lecithin Powder (mix with 2 tablespoon of water)

1 ½ tablespoon of Active Yeast

3 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive oil

1 fresh sweet corn

20 gms Radiant Pine Nuts

50gms Radiant Walnuts

Method :-

 1.      Mix active yeast & 1 tablespoon Brown sugar into half bowl of water
 2.      Steam pumpkin and mix into ingredients
 3.      Knead into dough and leave to rise for 30mins to an hour
 4.      Make dough into buns or place into bread mould
 5.      Steam for 10 minutes, place to cool  and ready to serve



Ingredients : Set A                                                                        Set B

                    110 gms Radiant Brown sugar                                  113gms Radiant Unbleached plain flour

                     25gms Lakewood Pure Lemon juice                        160gms Radiant Extra Virgin Olive oil

                     4 gms Vanilla                                                           

                     37.5gms egg yolk

                     3gms Lemon Zest                                                      Set C

                                                                                                         105gms egg whites

                                                                                                          2gms fine Celtic Sea Salt

                                                                                                          57gms Radiant Brown sugar

              Method :

1)      Mix ingredients in SET A  all together

2)      Add in ingredients in SET B into SET A

3)      Whip egg whites in SET C till light and fluffy and gradually add in the Radiant Brown sugar and salt.

4)      When ready, add into SET A to mix

5)      Bake in oven at 175°C for 25 minutes. Use skewer to test.



    Ingredients :-

   240gms Radiant unbleached Bread flour

  1 tbsp     Radiant Baking soda
  80gms   Radiant Brown sugar

  100cc    Lakewood Orange juice

  1/4 tsp   Celtic fine ground sea salt

  90cc      Clearspring Extra Virgin organic olive oil

  2 tbsp    Radiant Apple Cider vinegar

  4 tbsp    Radiant Organic Flaxseed

  200cc    water

  1 tbsp    Radiant Lecithin powder

  Method : -         

1.         Combined and sieve bread flour and baking soda, then set aside.

2.         Boil flaxseed in water for  2-3 minutes then turn off heat (will thicken), add salt, brown sugar and soya lecithin (dissolve in warm water for easier mixing with batter later on) Stir well, let stand

3.         When sugar and lecithin dissolve completely, slowly add olive oil and orange juice, stirring to mix well

4.         Add all wet ingredients (except vinegar) to bread flour and baking soda, stir moderately to combine. Preheat oven to 190°C

5.         Finally add vinegar to batter, stirring slowly to combine

6.         Bake batter in 190°C oven for about 30 minutes. Just after 10 minutes have passed, take out batter to cut a line along the center, letting the cake bulge up a bit and also to have a ‘cool’ look. When baking is complete, enjoy this succulent dish warm or chilled. 


   Ingredients :-

    1 cup Radiant Buckwheat flour

    ½ cup Radiant Maize flour

     2 ½ teaspoon Radiant Baking Powder

     ½ cup Butter

     1 tablespoon Radiant Apple Cider

     1 tablespoon Radiant Organic Honey

     4 eggs

     1 ½ cup Living Planet Diary Low Fat Milk

     Method :-

       1)      Preheat Oven at 400°C

2)      Mix buckwheat flour, maize flour, baking powder, honey and apple cider juice together.

3)      Combine eggs milk and butter and stir to make into a light batter

4)      Fill into muffins tins about 2/3 full and bake into 15 –20 minutes














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