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Greens, beans, and especially sea vegetables can more than adequately supply the amount of calcium necessary for our body. Dairy foods are known as a source of Ca, but many other foods are also rich in Ca, and often contain more than dairy foods.

Calcium (Ca) content ( per 100g , units mg)

Dairy foods:
Cow's milk 100-118
Goats's milk 120-129
Cheese, various 94-850


Turnip greens 130                                                 ez08060711813085930.jpg
Parsley 200
Leaf-beet 100-120
Spinach 93-98
Watercress 90                                                                              

Seeds and nuts:
Sesame seeds 630-1160
Sunflower seeds 120-140
Sweet Almonds 234-282
Hazel Nuts 186-209

Beans and bean products:
Soybeans 190-226
Soybean curd 120-128
Miso , various 70-180
Kidney beans 130 Sea

Vegetables (sea weeds):
Kombu 800 Hijiki 1400
Wakame 1300
Agar-agar 400

Fish and other seafoods are also rich in calcium.

Grains and beans are sufficiently high in protein .

Protein content in some Vegetable and Animal foods
(per 100g, unit gram)

Whole cereal grains:

Brown rice, various 7.4-7.5
Wheat , various 9.4-14.0
Oats 13.0
Barley, various 8.2-8.9
Rye, various 12.1-12.7
Millet, various 9.9-12.7
Buckwheat, various 11.0-14.5
Corn, maize, various 8.2-8.9

Adzuki beans 21.5                                                       ez08060711813139090.jpg
Peas, dried, various 21.7-24.1
Soybeans, various 34.1-34.3
Mung beans 23.0-24.2
Lima beans 20.4

Seeds and Nuts:
Various 11.0-29.7

Meat and Poultry:

Beef 13.6-21.8
Pork 9.1-21.5
Chicken 14.5-23.4
Other Poultry 18.5-25.3
Eggs 12.9-13.9

Dairy Food:
Cheeses 13.6-27.5

Sea Food:
Shellfish 10.6-24.8
Fish 16.4-25.4


You will be surprised that certain vegetables are even higher in Vitamin C than citrus fruits.

Foods containing Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid ) (Unit mg.)

Citurs fruits:
Lemons,oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and others are good sources of Vitamin C- 38 to 61 mg per edible portion 100 g.

Broccoli cabbage 113
Cauliflower 78
Chives 56
Collard leaves 92-152
Kale leaves 125-186
Mustard greens 97
Turnip greens 139
Watercress 79  

Source: U.S. Department Of Agriculture