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Select from a wide selection of healthier sweetener options. From raw honey, Manuka honey to brown sugar, molasses and low glycemic index agave nectar and coconut palm sugar. It is time we cut our white sugar intake and consume sweetener that still has nutritional value.


Use sugar sparingly in your cooking needs. Although it is organic brown sugar or unrefined cane sugar, sugar should still consume in moderation. Sugar is still considered the cause of bad health.


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Woodlands organic Manuka honey  direct from bee keeper. No additives.

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definition of Pure Manuka honey.
Ministry of Primary Industries New Zealand has set up regulations to grade Manuka honey. This helps to mitigate fraud or lower quality Manuka.
Genuine Manuka honey has to come from mono floral and not multi or polifloral (meaning many flowers and some is not Manuka flower).
Kanuka honey is passed out as Manuka honey and the activity is very low.

Both Woodlands organic Manuka honey and Radiant raw Manuka honey are laboratory tested by an accredited body for its antibacterial properties. There is traceability audit for every batch of the Manuka honey.


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