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Jam & Spread


Spreads are popularly used on bread, crackers and salad dressing.
Organic Clearspring peanut butter and Radiant tahini are made from freshly grounded peanuts and sesame seeds.
It is natural for it to separate to 2 layers with the oils on top.


Do not panic! It shows that NO stabilizers like hydrogenated oil or any emulsifiers are added.
Just turn it upside down for a few days and it will mixed well or if you are in a hurry to use it.Give it a quick vigorous stir.
You may add some organic olive oil to it and mix well when it is a bit hard towards the end.


All nut and seed butters must be refrigerated to prevent it from going rancid. To soften,take it out 30-60 minutes before use.



If you choose any fruit jams, do try to select those not sweeten with any cane sugar.



Clearspring fruit spreads are sweetened from organic fruit juices. The gelling agent is from natural sea vegetable powder and not calcium citrate. More than 50% fruits are used.The overall sugar content is reduced, thus the term "jam" can longer be used.




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