Radiant Code Sdn Bhd

Premium quality fresh fruit juices .Our juices are a delicious natural source of anti-oxidants, phytochemical nutrients, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is fresh-pressed 100% pure organic with no additives or artificial ingredients of any kind. No fillers and no sugar added. Should it need to be sweeten,organic agave nectar are used.Vacuum sealed to maintain freshness.

It is natural for fresh pressed juices to separates,as No gumming agent,lactic acid or sodium benzoate that act as preservatives are added.The sediments that settles at the bottom are the fiber and nutirents.It is the good stuff.Just give the bottle a good shake.

Lakewood juices are bottled in clear glass and flash pasteurize to maintain freshness.It is also natural for juices to show color changes as time goes by.It is the natural oxidation process as no coloring agent or other additives are added to the juices to maintain its color.Not to be alarm,it is as natural as it can be.

Your choice of daily healthy juices.

Comes in 100% organic Pure Juices (functional & healing),Blends,Pure Fruit / Smart & Healthy Blends,Culinary juices like lemon and lime. There are also Premium Pure Fruit juice (Natural) too like cranberry and prune to suit your needs.



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