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Brittany Sea Salt Fine 420g (Bottle)

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Brittany Sea Salt
Brittany Sea salt Fine (200g) and Coarse (200g, 400g)
Certified by Nature Progres to be free from hard metals and chemicals.

Are You Salt Starved?


Many of us definitely use too much salt in our diet. This is because our bodies crave the 82 missing elements which are absent from our table salt, and our bodies send the message to us to consume salt. But the salt we consume doesn't have these 82 elements, so our bodies send the message out again "eat more salt!" Thus a destructive cycle is set up which leads us to eat too much sodium chloride, which due to its processing cannot be properly processed by our bodies.
Many of these 82 missing elements are only trace elements, and are therefore required by our bodies in only very small amounts. But many believe that a deficiency of these trace elements may cause great harm to our bodies.

Minerals and Your Health


Our body would normally receive the minerals it needed from two sources: plants and salt.
The plants received their minerals from the soil. We then ate the plants, as grains, vegetables and fruits. But what has happened? In the last 50 years or so Man learned that by applying artificial fertilizers which contain only nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, he could cultivate larger areas of land, increase his yield per acre, and greatly improve his productivity. The problem here was that the eighty or so other minerals which the plants took from the soil were not replaced by the artificial fertilizer. So our soils have gradually become mineral depleted, which means that the plants grown in these soils are also deficient.
If we can no longer get the minerals we need for optimum health from the plants we eat, and we no longer get the minerals we need from the refined salt we have been eating, what is to be done?
Many people have gone to mineral supplements to erase the mineral deficiencies in their diet. This is good!. However, most of the mineral supplements on the market do not offer the complete range of minerals you need. Read the label of your mineral supplement. Do you read on the label that the mineral supplement contains 84 minerals? Probably not. So it is not complete. Some mineral supplements have only 10 or 12 minerals in them. Also, many supplements provide minerals in forms that are not readily metabolized in your body. In addition, some minerals, especially certain trace minerals, can be harmful if taken artificially (inorganic) in large doses.
This is why natural unrefined sea salt is so great! It comes in "precise dosages" that are perfectly matched to the mineral composition of your body. The minerals are in an organic form that is completely processable by your body, and you cannot take an excess dosage since all salt in excess of your needs is naturally expelled from your body.

Have we Convinced You Yet?


OK, you say, I'll use natural unrefined salt from now on. The next problem is how to get the proper salt. Look for reliable ones. Caution here, for much of the salt sold as sea salt in stores and elsewhere is also refined, and therefore not desirable. Read the label carefully, searching for salt that is unrefined and unprocessed. It is worth the effort !
Foods cooked with natural salt taste better and you will be supplying your body with necessary minerals and trace elements.
All our sea salt are laboratory tested again by our company in Malaysia to ensure it is free from heavy metals and chemicals.

Radiant wholefood takes it upon themselves to have its sea salt laboratory tested  to ensure it does not have heavy metals or pesticides. Ask for the certification and lab reports.


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